Store and manage the preparatory documents for your deeds using the MyMerak online tool.
Digital and paper.
Safe, organised and accessible.

Notaries have to comply with legal retention periods measured in decades. Once the deadline has expired, the deeds must by law be transferred to the state archives. Merak can help you store the preparatory documents for a deed after the deed itself has been issued. Choose one of our formulas and put an end to your archive mountain.

“Notaries are grateful for all the help they can get when it comes to reducing their mountains of paperwork. Merak comes to the aid of our office after the deeds have been issued. Retrieving documents whenever we want is absolutely no problem with Merak.”

Your advantage

Easily manage everything yourself

MyMerak allows you to manage your paper and digital documents securely. You decide where and when you want to consult an overview of all your procedural submissions, documentary evidence and other documents.
Merak MyMerak advantage manage
Merak MyMerak advantage save time and space

Save time and space

If you want, we scan your documents and make them available in digital format via MyMerak. Less work for you and more space in your archive storage room.

Safe and reliable

Merak makes a top priority of safety and confidentiality. Your client files are in good hands with us - there’s limited risk of fire, water damage or theft.
Merak MyMerak advantage safe and reliable
Merak MyMerak advantage legally compliant

Legally compliant

As a notary, you are legally obliged to store everything at your office until the deed has been issued. Once that has been done, Merak can store the preparatory documents until everything is transferred to the state archives. In this way, you are perfectly legally compliant.
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