Media destruction standard

Media destruction

Reliable destruction of your data, standard or with inventory


Your safety

Your data media such as hard disks, tapes, DVDs, CDs etc. contain crucial business information. Even when the contents are deleted there is always data remaining. The usual routes (household waste collection, recycling centres etc.) are not confidential enough to prevent the possibility of abuse of discarded data media.

1) Standard destruction: bulk destruction by incineration

Merak offers the possibility of destroying all your data media permanently, even for a single CD, DVD, tape, hard disk etc. Our employees will collect your data media from your premises.
They are stored on our premises in a safe, isolated area, until the destruction procedure is started. Then, your data media go into an incinerator. After collection you will receive confirmation of your destruction order from us.

2) Destruction with recording of details

If you wish we can supply an inventory of all data media that we have destroyed. This allows you to retain an overview of the data destroyed on each data medium.

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Media destruction with inventory

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