Offline back-up

Offline back-up

Offline, hackers don't stand a chance



  • Our courier service is available 24/7.
  • You decide for yourself when you want to renew your backup or expand it with new data.
  • You can consult and edit your inventory at any time using our online application.


  • Offline backup protects your data against fire, theft, hackers and human error such as overwriting data or losing your carriers.
  • Our couriers transport your carriers in anonymous cases that are protected against shocks, water and dust.
  • In our bunker your carriers are also protected against electrostatic and magnetic radiation according to the principle of Faraday’s Cage.
  • Our employees only hand the data over to the persons you designate.


  • This online formula is the ideal solution for backups that have to be backed up sporadically and on demand.
  • However if what you need is regular backups, with an automatic update, we will be pleased to draw up a personalised and tailor-made proposal for you.
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